Manchons de compression, savate boxe française, noir, vue avant
Manchons de compression, savate boxe française, noir, vue arrière
Guides des tailles, manchons de compression de savate boxe française


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Optimize your performance with the RIVAT Black Compression Sleeve.

Reduction of muscle vibrations, prevention of injuries and muscle fatigue. Ideal for recovery. Pair them with our socks for ultimate comfort.

Size:T1 (30-34 cm) (12-13.5 inch)
RIVAT Black Compression Sleeve

Advanced technology for exceptional performance, the RIVAT Black Compression Sleeve is designed to reduce muscle vibrations and increase your results in any discipline. Targeted 360-degree compression provides industry-leading muscle support, reducing the risk of injuries and cramps while improving muscle fatigue.

Main Features:
  • Reduced muscle oscillations for delayed fatigue and prolonged performance.
  • Targeted 360-degree compression for advanced muscle support.
  • Optimal comfort with increased vertical elasticity.
  • Perfect fit, no irritation or rubbing.
  • Stays in place during training and races.

Performance and Recovery
RIVAT calf compression sleeves are the ultimate accessory for any athlete seeking comfort, increased performance and effective recovery. During exercise, they reduce the risk of injury, prevent muscle fatigue, and are effective against aches, cramps and micro-lesions. After exercise, they promote muscle regeneration and recovery, considerably improving general comfort.

Versatile Uses:

  • Can be worn in combination with our socks for a complete experience.
  • Essential accessory for every workout, offering effective protection of the calf, shin and ankle against external aggression thanks to their tight mesh.