RIVAT manufacturing

At RIVAT, our commitment to exceptional quality standards is unwavering. We favor, wherever possible, manufacturing in Europe for our French boxing shoes, with a 100% French design. Certain specific know-how leads us to collaborate with artisans located outside our region.

RIVAT French boxing shoes are produced in specialized workshops, carefully selected for their expertise in the manufacture of sports shoes. Our partnerships with talented professionals who share our passion for French boxing allow us to continue to innovate and develop superior quality products.


The RIVAT product

Our identity is anchored in decades of know-how specific to French boxing shoes, acquired since the 1960s. Equipped with an innovative team constantly seeking to improve products, RIVAT has several registered models.

RIVAT lasts and soles, designed specifically for the practice of slippers, ensure optimal fit. With a range of 11 models dedicated to French boxing, our shoes adapt to each type of shooter, from beginner to elite, and are all competition validated.


The materials and materials used

The health of athletes is a priority, hence our commitment to ethical manufacturing and product traceability. Our leathers come from ISO9001:2008 certified Italian tanneries, and none of the leather is chrome VI tanned.

The exclusivity of our Boxe Française sole, registered INPI, results from 30 years of research to achieve the best compromise between flexion, hardness, grip and abrasion resistance. Combined with high-density foam protection, it guarantees optimal safety. All our materials undergo strict quality testing, reflecting our commitment to durable, high-performance products.