The Origins of the RIVAT Brand

In 1956, in Romans-sur-Isère, the adventure of the RIVAT brand was born under the skillful hands of Jacky RIVAT, a trained bootmaker and sports enthusiast. A former football player, he handmade a pair of shoes entirely out of leather, marking the beginning of a rich family adventure spanning more than 60 years. Throughout his career, Jacky RIVAT has combined his sporting experience with his profession, embodying artisanal humility, sportsman's determination and ingenious creativity.

For 25 years, our adventure has continued in Annecy, at the foot of the mountains, where we specialize in French boxing shoes. While evolving, we preserve the brand's DNA and its know-how.


Performance, Innovation, Heritage

At RIVAT, our values ​​are the foundation on which we build our history and our future. Performance is our driving force, every pair of shoes we create is designed to exceed expectations, delivering optimal performance in the ring.

Innovation pulses in our veins. Since our beginnings, we have pushed the limits of creativity to offer avant-garde products. “Side lacing,” one of our major innovations, is a testament to this. Our desire to innovate knows no boundaries, guided by the constant desire to offer products that anticipate the changing needs of French boxing practitioners.

Finally, heritage is our compass. Each pair of RIVAT shoes carries with it the heritage of Jacky RIVAT, visionary founder of the brand. We honor this tradition by combining inherited artisanal know-how with a modern, avant-garde approach. The RIVAT heritage is a constant source of inspiration that pushes us to maintain an unparalleled level of excellence in the world of French boxing shoes.

These values, inseparable from our identity, guide each of our actions, from design to manufacturing, so that each RIVAT product embodies the quintessence of performance, innovation and heritage. At RIVAT, our commitment to these values ​​is as strong as the leather that our shoes are made from.


Our Work, Your Performance

At RIVAT, our team embodies the very essence of our brand. Made up of dedicated artisans, creative designers, innovative researchers and an efficient administrative team, we form a family united by the passion for French boxing and the commitment to excellence.

Our artisans, guardians of traditional know-how, carefully shape each pair, ensuring unrivaled artisanal quality. Our designers fuse tradition with modernity, creating designs that are both functional and aesthetic.

The research and development team tirelessly explores new technologies to ensure optimal performance, while our administrative team coordinates every step, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Together, we form a dynamic team, united by the incessant quest for uncompromising excellence. At RIVAT, each pair of shoes is the fruit of this shared passion, combining performance, style and comfort to meet the most demanding expectations of French boxing.