Toulouse Multi-Boxe (TMB), club de Toulouse de savate boxe française Toulouse Multi-Boxe (TMB), club de Toulouse de savate boxe française

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Toulouse multi-boxing

An elite club with renowned champions!

TMB: RIVAT Partner

Toulouse Multi-Boxe (TMB) stands out as an exceptional club, bringing together a multitude of boxers with an impressive track record. Its distinguished members include champions such as Kevin Albertus , Chloé Nandi , Flora Yanga, Adam El Ouardi and Romain Falendry , making TMB a true home of the boxing elite.

The Stars of TMB:

The TMB can boast of welcoming renowned boxers into its ranks, each bringing their share of success and titles. There are countless champions who have worn the colors of TMB with pride, contributing to its status as an elite club.

Centers of Excellence:

The TMB is not limited to Toulouse, but also extends to Italian hubs such as Genova and Pavia . This multilocal presence demonstrates the international scope of the club, creating a network of excellence that transcends French borders.

Pride and Tradition:

Toulouse Multi-Boxe embodies the pride and tradition of French boxing. Its exceptional boxers, its multiple poles and its continuous commitment make it a benchmark club, a catalyst for success for those who aspire to excellence in the noble art of boxing.

Discover the captivating world of Toulouse Multi-Boxe, where champions rise and traditions endure. As a partner of choice, the TMB enriches the heritage of French boxing and strengthens its presence on the national and international scene. RIVAT celebrates this collaboration with the TMB, a partnership dedicated to excellence and passion for boxing.