Thomas Silvestri, boxeur du Royal Boxing Club Thomas Silvestri, boxeur du Royal Boxing Club

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Thomas Silvestri

The brilliance of a champion at the Royal Boxing Club!

Thomas Silvestri: RIVAT Ambassador

Thomas Silvestri , licensed at the Royal Boxing Club of Marseille and aged 26, embodies the quintessence of strength and determination in the ring. Born on 10/29/1997 in Marseille, this elite A boxer measuring 1.79m and weighing 70kg, has built his destiny since his debut at 11 years old. With 25 fights, 19 victories, and 1 KO, his journey is a true ode to perseverance and passion for boxing.

Combat Course:

In combat, Thomas Silvestri distinguished himself brilliantly. Champion of France Espoir, Champion of France Elite B, and Vice-Champion of France Elite A, his record is a succession of successes which reflects his perseverance and his exceptional talent.

Assault course:

With a title of French Assault Champion 2012/13 and a consecration as World Assault Champion 2012/13. His remarkable technique and his commitment in the ring make him an undisputed reference.

Discover the captivating story of Thomas Silvestri, from his first steps in the ring to his moments of glory. RIVAT is proud to count this champion among its ambassadors, a pride of the Royal Boxing Club and a source of inspiration for all fans of French boxing.