Entraînement de boxe française : Comment débuter et atteindre la maîtrise ?

French boxing training: How to start and achieve mastery?

French boxing is a dynamic sport that combines strength, agility, strategy and endurance. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics or a seasoned boxer looking to perfect your craft, this article will guide you on the path to mastering French boxing.

The Fundamentals of French Boxing:

Basic Stance

It all starts with position. For right-handers, the left foot is placed in front, the right foot behind. The knees are slightly bent, the body leaned forward, the hands raised to protect the face. Adopting the correct stance will allow you to move efficiently and dodge hits.

Basic Moves

Direct: A straight blow delivered with the front arm.

Hook: A circular blow delivered with the front arm.

Uppercut: An upward blow delivered with the rear arm.

Learning to execute these basic punches well is essential to mastering French boxing. Practice throwing them with precision and power.

Physical training

Physical condition is a key element of French boxing. Here are some aspects you should focus on:

Cardio: Endurance is crucial. Practice running, jumping rope, and cardiovascular exercises to improve your fitness.

Strength: Strengthen your muscles with strength exercises, preferably using free weights.

Flexibility: Flexibility will help you dodge hits and improve your movements. Incorporate stretching into your workout routine.

Technical Training

Technical training is essential to progress in French boxing. Here are some things to consider:

Shadow Boxing: Practice in front of a mirror or alone, simulating fights and working on your movements and sequences.

Sparring: Sparring with a partner is essential for developing your real-life fighting skills. Wear protective equipment to avoid injury.

Punching Bags: Use punching bags to work on your power and precision. Work on different types of shots and combinations.

The Boxer Mentality

French boxing is as much a mental sport as it is a physical sport. Cultivate a mentality of determination, discipline and respect. Be persistent in your training, accept constructive criticism, and respect your training partners.

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